Wednesday, April 25, 2012

...3, 2, 1 LAUNCH

What this is about
I have to start this blog with a confession: the title does not reflect the entirety of what will be discussed.  The genesis of the blog was the periodic updates I would post on my personal blog regarding Marcellus Shale gas news in Pennsylvania.  As I delved deeper into the issue I of course found that much of the attention was on fracking and the title “What the Frack?” was too good to resist.  But what I intend to cover will extend beyond hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Play to cover all energy resources in Pa. and the business, economic, political, environmental and geological aspects of them.  

One thing I do not want to do is duplicate the efforts of others.  In addition to highlighted some of the news stories in my daily twitter feed I hope to provide more in depth analysis as well as background pieces on the local geology.  When posting my opinions you will know it is an op-ed and won’t be passed off as an objective article by a disinterested party.  Both here and in my twitter feed I’ll let you know when I feel something is an op-ed, regardless of the source or my sympathies. Those in the industry may not like the proportion of coverage dealing with environmental issues and anti-fracking activism but that is simply a reflection of news stories and public interest.  Anti-drilling folks eyes may glaze over when I post business stories, but it is a BIG industry economically and politically and who’s who is important to know.

I will be adding more features and resources as I go.

Why am I doing this
Consider a civic duty.  In 2005 I arrived in this area with a new PhD in geology to teach petrology and structural geology for an 18 month period at a local university.  This turned into a three year stint, alas it went no further as a full-time job as the department was not committed to permanently hiring hard-rock faculty anymore.  But I stayed in the area, doing adjunct work and consulting because I met my wife here and she has a good full-time job in the area. After settling in Pennsylvania I became aware of the development and controversies of the Marcellus Play shalegas and I began posting periodic roundups of Marcellus Shale news in my personal blog. Later I would tweet these updates.  Since this was the most read feature of my other blog I decided to create one dedicated to Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale News.  It has taken longer than I anticipated as I have become daddy day-care in the past year.  During the time I have learned more about the issues surrounding all energy resources in the state so as I stated before I will expand to cover those as well.  These issues affect all of us in Pennsylvania even if we are not in the energy resource areas because the impacts are intertwined with economy, politics and environment of the entire commonwealth.  So I've made it my goal to provide this news and other analysis to my fellow residents of the Keystone state.

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