Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Lately I have not had time to do much more than post news updates here.  By July I hope to have more varied content in my posts and more resources available.  There are a number of issues that come up related to fracking where either pro-drilling or anti-fracking folks (sometimes both) intentionally and unintentionally distort, ignore or dismiss any scientific findings that are not in lockstep with their views.  As a scientist I know that you cannot start with a conclusion and then interpret evidence (data) to fit it.  One can still have an informed opinion and accept that not every piece of the data and every example supports your contention. Science is just an analytical process through which we use data to explain the natural world.  That doesn't mean that you can't use scientific studies to form your opinions, to the contrary I think this should be the basis for any informed position. However the data itself is remains value neutral and the process must remain deductive.  So I plan to have more posts on misuse and attacks on science.  I have opinions as well, particularly on the politics of Marcellus development and there'll be some of these as well.

As for resources I will have pages with the geologic background for fossil fuel resources in Pennsylvania.  I also get tweets and e-mail alerts for various pro-development fora and anti-fracking meetings, I plan to start postung these on their own page.

Finally, my news searches, RSS feeds and e-mail alerts often provide me with news dealing with fracking and shale gas, but not related to Pennsylvania.  Since I realize not all readers are in the state or are interested in the subject in general I will tweet this particular stories even though I won't include them in my daily news update here.

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