Monday, October 15, 2012

Surreal and absurb: Oil vs. Gas

Listening to commercials where the different pay TV providers promote themselves as your best friend while declaring the other services to be your mortal enemy, while the truth all of them satellite or cable, are overpriced packaging of crap with lousy service.

But those spots have nothing on the one you may have caught if you listen to the radio in the Philly market (and elsewhere I imagine) where the home heating oil industry attacks natural gas.  OK, we expect the different commodities to knock each other, that's competitive marketing. The absurdity is in the way they do it. In the spot, a distraught girl calls her mother overwhelmed by the climate change and global warming, while her mom assures her that they're doing their part by using oil heat instead of gas. See mom has it all figured out, natural gas is methane which is a worse greenhouse gas than CO2 and gas is produced by fracking!  I haven't found a recording or transcript of the ad yet, but did dig us this gem. One assumes from this that home heating oil is made from sunshine and smiles, rather than being from similar (and sometimes the same) sources as natural gas.

Neither the gas or oil industry care about the environment unless forced to, and for one fossil fuel industry to knock another on global warming and the side effects of extraction is like the mafia and KKK criticizing each other.

Fracking, deepwater drilling, exploitation of tar sands and heavy oil are all due to increasing consumption and dwindling supplies, and burning any of them adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and switching from one to another is just rearranging the deck chairs on Titanic.

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