About WTF Pa.

I became interested in the Marcellus Play shale gas and fracking as a geologist and a new Pennsylvania resident a few years ago.  Well aware of the controversy and with a growing concern over energy supplies and climate change I set out to educate myself about the issues.  Along the way I discovered that while there is a large number of websites by pro-industry groups and anti-fracking activists, there are few that provide the latest news updates without spinning the headlines or content of the stories.

One thing that particularly disturbed me though was the way science was either misused or attacked by people on both sides of the fracking debate.  Pro-gas industry types engaged in ad hominen attacks on scientists and the process of peer-review, usually employing logical fallacies, strawmen and anti-intellectual language to discredit any report that showed even a possible risk from fracking. On the other side, anti-fracktivists appeared ready to believe even the most outrageous stories of danger from fracking, to point of accepting claims that fly in the face of geological timescales, physics and chemistry.  Cautious, sober reports of possible long-term contamination from fracking were distorted to become definitive statements of immediate danger that are without question occurring on a wide-scale.  Any time then that I see a peer-reviewed study or report being attacked or distorted in such a way I will call out whoever is doing it.

I will also not hesitate to comment on attacks on private citizens expressing concern, no suggestions that elected officials are acting at the behest of lobbyists and not their constituents.

What you won't find here are unsubstantiated rumors, personal attacks on private citizens or PR for energy companies.  What you will find is aggregated news updates, analysis of science or misuse/attacks on science, informed commentary and opinion and relevant resources and links.  It's my hope you find this all useful and informative.


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