Helpful Graphics

Locations of gas-bearing shale formation around the world (Click to enlarge)

Oil and gas bearing shale formations in the contiguous U.S. (Click to enlarge)
Energy resource extraction and pPower plants in Pennsylvania - from U.S. EIA (click to view)
Conventional oil and gas fields in PA - does not include shale gas (Click to enlarge)
PA coal deposits (Click to enlarge)

Operating and Planned Wind Farms in Pa. Windpower Now (click to enlarge).

Wind Potential in Pa. (click to enlarge).
Simplified bedrock geology map for PA (Click to enlarge)
Hypothetical cross-section displaying types of gas deposits. Gas-rich shales are formations such as the Marcellus Shale that need hydraulic fracturing to be productive, conventional reservoirs do not (Click to enlarge)
2006 CO2 emissions by fossil fuel and use (Click to enlarge)
U.S. Energy Supply and Demand Sectors, 2009 (click to enlarge)

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